gmms: an MMS-stream downloader

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Please note that I do no longer actively develop gmms. gmms was just a simple summer-project I worked on during one of my summer holidays. I know there is a bug which gives errors that look like
"Gdk-ERROR **: file gdkgc-win32.c: line 909 (gdk_win32_hdc_get):
assertion failed: (win32_gx-> hdc == NULL) aborting..."
but I have no intention to try to fix this bug, or to change anything to gmms. Should somebody be able to fix this bug, or should somebody want to take over the development of gmms, i would be glad to add him or her as a developer.

So please do not send me any emails about this bug, or questions about the development of gmms. Currently, there simply isn't any development anymore...


gmms is a simple MMS-stream downloader based on mmsclient that works on both Windows® and Linux.  MMS-streams are multimedia streams broadcasted on the Internet, following the MMS-protocol.  The simple explanation is that with gmms, you can save every kind of stream having mms:// at the start of the download URL to your hard-disk.  The stream can be and audio or video stream, as long as it's URL starts with mms://.  Some examples of MMS-streams are:

My not-so-favorite Belgian news channel on Monday at 19h00
My favorite music program on Friday and Saturdays between 20h00 and 01h00


The Source (for Linux users, i assume they're familiar with compiling from source) and the Windows® installer are all in one zip file.


As we all know, software developers are bad documentation writers.  I'm not an exception to that ;-)


All contact information is included in the ZIP-file.  Putting it here would only increase the amount of spam i receive daily.

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